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Material Design Lite Audio Player


A mobile friendly implementation of Google's Material Design Lite applied to Mozilla Developer Network's Cross-browser audio basics. An audio player user interface for mobile, tablet, and desktops. Next song autoloads. All songs initially set to load metadata only. Sharing a song is supported with hashtagged URL.

Code Example




Getting my music library online and I wanted a slick looking UI, one that would display album art and auto play the next song. Thought I would share.


Copy and Paste easy.

PREREQUISITE: Your audio and image files must be online already. If you are serving this code via HTTPS then the audio and image files must also be retrieved via HTTPS.

The easiest way to install this example is to clone or download it. Replace my audio and image paths with your own. Copy and paste style.


If you found a bug, have any questions or want to contribute please let me know,


Ron Royston 2017,, MIT License