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This project contains a partial prototype of AMQP 1-0 draft. This
currently includes relatively complete components for framing, codec,
connection, session, and link endpoints, as well as a very simple
broker, client library, and send/recv utilities.
Getting Started:
1. First run the broker, passing the names of your queues on the
command line:
./broker queue-a queue-b queue-c ...
2. Run the send program to send a message:
./send queue-a this is a test
3. Run the recv program to receive a message:
./recv queue-a
4. Use the --help option for each of the above programs to explore
in more depth. All of the above programs support the -t/--trace
option which may be used to print a protocol trace:
./send -t raw queue-a trace raw bytes
./send -t frm queue-b trace operations before/after encode/decode
./send -t "raw frm err" queue-c trace everything
broker -- A prototype broker: ./broker --help
recv -- A client used to receive messages: ./recv --help
send -- A client used to send messages: ./send --help -- A simple client library. -- An implementation of the AMQP type system. -- Base class for composite types and utilities for
loading composite type definitions from the xml. -- Concurrency utilities. -- An implementation of an AMQP connection endpoint.
example-nodes -- Example node configurations for use with the -n
option of the broker. -- An implementation of the AMQP framing layer. -- An implementation of an AMQP link endpoint. -- An implementation of the AMQP messaging layer.
messaging.xml -- Definitions from the AMQP messaging specification.
mllib/ -- An XML parsing library used to load type definitions. -- Classes representing the types defined by the
protocol specification.
README -- This file. -- A simple AMQP queue implementation.
rendered-nodes -- Example config file for rendered nodes. -- A simple I/O driver. -- Some informal test code.
TODO -- List of outstanding tasks.
transport.xml -- Definitions from the AMQP transport specification.
types.xml -- Definitions from the AMQP types specification. This
includes encoding and type definitions used by -- Common utilities. -- Cairo widgets for rendering nodes. -- Thread that manages gtk window and cairo surface.