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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
# specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from protocol import Attach, Flow, Transfer, Disposition, Detach, Binary
from util import Constant, RangeSet
from uuid import uuid4
class LinkError(Exception):
class State:
def __init__(self, state=None, settled=False, modified=False, resumed=False):
self.state = state
self.settled = settled
self.modified = modified
self.resumed = resumed
def __hash__(self):
return hash(self.state) ^ hash(self.settled)
def __eq__(self, o):
return self.state == o.state and self.settled == o.settled
def __repr__(self):
return "State(%s, %s, %s)" % (self.state, self.settled, self.modified)
class Link(object):
def __init__(self, name, source=None, target=None): = name
self.source = source = target
self.remote_source = None
self.remote_target = None
self.snd_settle_mode = None
self.rcv_settle_mode = None
self.session = None
self.handle = None
self.attach_sent = False
self.attach_rcvd = False
self.detach_sent = False
self.detach_rcvd = False
# flow state
self.delivery_count = None
self.link_credit = 0
self.available = 0
self.drain = False
self.echo = False
# delivery-tag -> (local_state, remote_state)
self.unsettled = {}
def capacity(self):
return min(self.link_credit, self.session.roles[self.role].capacity())
def credit(self):
return self.link_credit
def attaching(self):
return self.attach_rcvd and not self.attach_sent
def detaching(self):
return self.detach_rcvd and not self.detach_sent
def attached(self):
return self.attach_sent and self.attach_rcvd
def detached(self):
return self.detach_sent and self.detach_rcvd
def write(self, body):
def dispatch(self, body):
return getattr(self, "do_%s" % body.NAME)(body)
def post_frame(self, body):
assert self.attach_sent and not self.detach_sent
body.handle = self.handle
def _flow(self):
if self.session.incoming.unsettled_hwm is None:
next = None
next = self.session.incoming.unsettled_hwm + 1
flow = Flow(handle = self.handle,
next_incoming_id = next,
incoming_window = self.session.incoming.window,
next_outgoing_id = self.session.outgoing.unsettled_hwm + 1,
outgoing_window = 65536,
delivery_count = self.delivery_count,
link_credit = self.link_credit,
available = self.available,
drain = self.drain)
self.echo = False
return flow
def attach(self):
if self.attach_sent:
raise LinkError("already attached")
self.handle = self.session.allocate_handle()
self.attach_sent = True
unsettled = {}
for tag, local, remote in self.get_local(settled=False):
if not local.resumed:
unsettled[Binary(tag)] = local.state
self.post_frame(Attach(name =,
role = self.role,
source = self.source,
target =,
initial_delivery_count = self.delivery_count,
unsettled = unsettled))
if self.role == Receiver.role:
def do_attach(self, attach):
self.attach_rcvd = True
if self.role == Receiver.role:
self.delivery_count = attach.initial_delivery_count
self.remote_source = attach.source
self.remote_target =
self.snd_settle_mode = attach.snd_settle_mode
self.rcv_settle_mode = attach.rcv_settle_mode
if attach.unsettled:
for tag, state in attach.unsettled.items():
if tag in self.unsettled:
local, remote = self.unsettled[tag]
remote.state = state
remote.modified = True
self.unsettled[tag] = State(resumed=True), State(state, modified=True)
# XXX: closing and errors
def detach(self, closed=False):
if self.detach_sent:
raise LinkError("not attached")
# process any outstanding work before detaching
self.detach_sent = True
self.handle = None
def close(self):
self.source = None = None
def do_detach(self, detach):
self.detach_rcvd = True
if detach.closed:
self.remote_source = None
self.remote_target = None
def do_disposition(self, delivery_tag, state, settled):
if delivery_tag in self.unsettled:
local, remote = self.unsettled[delivery_tag]
remote.state = state
remote.settled = settled
remote.modified = True
def do_flow(self, flow):
self.echo = self.echo or flow.echo
def _query(self, index, settled=None, modified=None):
return [(delivery_tag, pair[0], pair[1])
for delivery_tag, pair in self.unsettled.items()
if (settled is None or settled == pair[index].settled) and
(modified is None or modified == pair[index].modified)]
def get_local(self, settled=None, modified=None):
return self._query(0, settled, modified)
def get_remote(self, settled=None, modified=None):
return [(t, l, r) for t, l, r in self._query(1, settled, modified) if not l.settled]
def remote_unsettled(self):
unsettled = {}
for tag, local, remote in self.get_remote(modified=True):
unsettled[tag] = remote.state
return unsettled
def resume(self, delivery_tag, state):
if delivery_tag in self.unsettled:
local, remote = self.unsettled[delivery_tag]
local.state = state
local.modified = True
local.resumed = False
self.unsettled[delivery_tag] = (State(state), State())
def disposition(self, delivery_tag, state=None, settled=False):
local, remote = self.unsettled[delivery_tag]
local.state = state
local.settled = settled
local.modified = True
if local.settled and self.handle is None:
return local, remote
def settle(self, delivery_tag, state=None):
if state is None:
local, _ = self.unsettled[delivery_tag]
state = local.state
return self.disposition(delivery_tag, state, settled=True)
def tick(self):
if self.handle is None:
# we don't send flow state until the delivery_count is
# initialized, this ensures an unambiguous calculation of the
# initial delivery_count
if self.echo and self.delivery_count is not None:
role = self.session.roles[self.role]
states = {}
for dtag, local, remote in self.get_local(modified=True):
if not remote.settled:
id = role.aliases.get((self, dtag))
if id is not None:
if local in states:
ranges = states[local]
ranges = RangeSet()
states[local] = ranges
local.modified = False
if local.settled:
if (self, dtag) in role.aliases:
role.settle(self, dtag)
for local, ranges in states.items():
for r in ranges:
disp = Disposition(role=self.role, first=r.lower, last=r.upper,
settled=local.settled, state=local.state)
class Sender(Link):
role = False
initial_count = 0
def init(self):
self.delivery_count = self.initial_count
def do_flow_state(self, state):
if state.delivery_count is None:
receiver_count = self.initial_count
receiver_count = state.delivery_count
self.link_credit = receiver_count + state.link_credit - self.delivery_count
self.drain = state.drain
def drained(self):
if self.drain:
self.delivery_count += self.link_credit
self.link_credit = 0
def send(self, **kwargs):
if self.link_credit <= 0:
raise LinkError("would block")
if kwargs.get("delivery_tag") is None:
kwargs["delivery_tag"] = "%s" % self.delivery_count or 0
delivery_tag = kwargs.get("delivery_tag")
state = kwargs.get("state")
settled = kwargs.get("settled")
self.delivery_count += 1
self.link_credit -= 1
if delivery_tag in self.unsettled:
local, remote = self.unsettled[delivery_tag]
if remote.state is not None:
kwargs["resume"] = True
xfrs = self.fragment(**kwargs)
for xfr in xfrs:
self.session.outgoing.append(self, xfr)
if settled:
self.session.outgoing.settle(self, delivery_tag)
elif delivery_tag not in self.unsettled:
self.unsettled[delivery_tag] = (State(), State(state))
return delivery_tag
def xfr_overhead(self, xfr):
return 192 + len(xfr.delivery_tag or "")
def fragment(self, **kwargs):
payload = kwargs.pop("payload", "")
result = []
while True:
xfr = Transfer(**kwargs)
max_size = self.session.max_frame_size - self.xfr_overhead(xfr)
xfr.payload = payload[:max_size]
payload = payload[max_size:]
if result: result[-1].more = True
if not payload:
return result
class Receiver(Link):
role = True
def init(self):
self.incoming = []
self.tag = None
self.payloads = []
def do_transfer(self, xfr):
self.session.incoming.append(self, xfr)
if self.session.next_receiver_id is None:
self.session.next_receiver_id = xfr.delivery_id
if self.tag is None:
self.tag = xfr.delivery_tag
elif self.tag != xfr.delivery_tag:
raise ValueError("mismatched tags: %s, %s" % (self.tag, xfr.delivery_tag))
if xfr.payload:
if not xfr.more:
self.tag = None
payload = "".join(self.payloads)
self.tag = None
self.payloads = []
xfr.payload = payload
if xfr.delivery_tag in self.unsettled:
local, remote = self.unsettled[xfr.delivery_tag]
if xfr.state:
remote.state = xfr.state
remote.modified = True
self.unsettled[xfr.delivery_tag] = (State(), State(xfr.state, xfr.settled, modified=True))
self.link_credit -= 1
self.delivery_count += 1
self.available = max(0, self.available - 1)
def do_flow_state(self, state):
if self.delivery_count is not None:
self.link_credit -= state.delivery_count - self.delivery_count
self.delivery_count = state.delivery_count
if state.available is not None:
self.available = state.available
def flow(self, n, drain=False):
self.link_credit += n
self.drain = drain
self.echo = True
def drain(self):
self.flow(0, True)
def pending(self):
return len(self.incoming)
def get(self):
if self.incoming:
xfr = self.incoming.pop(0)
return xfr
raise LinkError("empty")
Sender.role: Sender,
Receiver.role: Receiver
def link(attach):
cls = ROLES[not attach.role]
return cls(