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My work for the Spectrm challenge
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Word Frequency Model.ipynb

Spectrm Challenge

My entry to the Spectrm Challenge. Uses a very simple word-frequencey model and achieves recall rates around 5-8%. For an explanation on how it works, see the Jupyter notebook.


spectrm-challenge-ryan only requires basic scientific python dependencies (numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, nltk). I recommend using a pre-packaged distribution like Anaconda for multiprocessing/memory efficiency. However, you can use pip to set up the dependencies:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the model

Note: Though the matrices are pretty sparse, I used the regular numpy matrix implementation. That means generating a model can be quite memory intensive. All my tests were on a desktop with 10 cores and 16GB of memory. A nice improvement would to have this code use the scipy sparse matrix implementation.

To run the model on the unlabeled examples, simply run:

$ python

It knows the default locations. If you want to run on other datasets, for instance the training set, you can specify:

$ python challenge_data/train_dialogs.txt challenge_data/train_missing.txt
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