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Screencast on how it works: Done with, a wonderful online screencast tool

Used to display web stats from an associated Google Analytics account, in the Apostrophe CMS

All reports are cached, and updated daily.

Available Report Slots

  • siGaTopContentSlots -- displays the top n hits on the site, and the hit count in an ordered list


  1. download to plugins directory or preferably use svn externals (I think this is possible with gitHub)
  2. add your google analytics credential to app.yml, they should look something like this:
            password: yourpassword
            profile: profile_id_starts_with_ga:
            key: looong_api_key 
  3. rebuild your classes from the command line: ./symfony doctrine:build --all-classes
  4. add plugin to config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
  5. add module(s) to settings.yml to enable them
  6. add slot to app.yml under "slot_types:"
  7. optionally add slot to standard area
  8. clear cache: ./symfony cc
  9. make sure the slot is included in an area
  10. try it out

Finding your google info:

  • username & password: you can use your administrator login, however it would be better to create a subordinate account that has read only access so you don't share your admin account with everyone with code access
  • profileId:
    1. log into your analytics account, and choose the site you need stats for
    2. the profile id is the 6 digit integer after the p
    3. add it to the app.yml starting with "ga:", for example ga:123456
  • Api Key: login to google, and goto this will allow you to get your full quota from the API and for google to contact you if there are any problems