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Source code used during the Red Hat Summit Discovery session around Automation, Microservices and Self-Service solutions
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Repository Information

This repository contains the source code used during Red Hat Summit 2019 Discovery Zone session for the demo aorund "How Volkswagen used microservices and automation to develop self-service solutions" presentation.

Presentation Slides

Configuration and demo case

Ansible Tower will be configured with 4 Projects, corresponding to the each Ansible role under projects directory

Ansible Tower will be configured with 4 Job Templates using the Playbook from each previous configured Project

Ansible Tower will be configured with a Workflow Template using the previuos 4 Job Templates, this way the whole workflow will be executed on the user onboard.

The system will allow the user to select from 3 different approaches, for the simplicity of the demo, only Container Manifest approach example has the complete required code.

Demo video

Container Manifest e2e Demo

High Level Architecture

System Diagram

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