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<div class="span5">
<h2>Open Source <small>contributions to FOSS</small></h2>
- <dt><img src="/images/projects/cloudstack.png"> <a href=";a=summary">Apache CloudStack</a></dt>
- <dd>Opensource IaaS Cloud Computing Platform</dd>
+ <dt><img src="/images/projects/cloudstack.png"> <a href="">Apache CloudStack</a></dt>
+ <dd>Cloud computing orchestrator, IaaS platform</dd>
<dt><img src="/images/projects/vlmc-small.png"> <a href="">VLMC</a>/<a href="">libishare</a></dt>
<dd>Non-linear video editor based on libVLC.</dd>
<dt><img src="/images/projects/boincvm.png"> <a href="">BOINC-VM</a></dt>

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