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This is a fork of the Great work from Dave Nolan with his gem Guard::JasmineNode. Only modified to work with mocha

MochaNode guard automatically & intelligently executes mocha node specs when files are modified.

  • Tested against Node 0.8.14, mocha 1.6.0



Install the gem:

$ gem install guard-mocha-node

Add guard definition to your Guardfile by running this command:

$ guard init mocha-node


$ guard

This will watch your project and execute your specs when files change. It's worth checking out the docs.


  • :all_on_start # default => true

Run all the specs as soon as Guard is started.

  • :all_after_pass # default => true

When files are modified and the specs covering the modified files pass, run all the specs automatically.

  • :keep_failed # default => true

When files are modified, run failing specs as well as specs covering the modified files.

  • :notify # default => true

Display growl/libnotify notifications.

  • :coffeescript # default => true

Load coffeescript and all execution of .coffee files.

  • :livescript # default => false

Load livescript and all execution of .ls files.

  • :reporter # default => "spec"

To select a mocha reporter

  • :require # default => nil

Make mocha require the given modules, it should be a string or a array of strings if multiple modules are to be required

  • :color # default => true

Enable or disable the mocha color output

  • :recursive # default => true

Enable or disable the recursive directory mocha option

  • :paths_for_all_specs # default => ['spec']

Paths for run all specs

  • :globals # default => []

Globals to ignore when performing global leak detection

  • :mocha_bin

Specify the path to the jasmine-node binary that will execute your specs.

The default :mocha_bin in the Guardfile assumes:

  • you are running guard from the root of the project
  • you installed mocha using npm
  • you installed mocha locally to node_modules

If you delete the option completely from the Guardfile, it assumes the mocha binary is already in your $PATH.

So if you have installed jasmine-node globally using e.g. npm install -g mocha, remove the :mocha_bin option from the Guardfile.


Please read the guard docs for more information about the Guardfile DSL.

It's powerful stuff.


  • write a JsonFormatter for jasmine-node so we have finer-grained control over rendering output
  • write an RSpec-style progress formatter (aka lots of green dots)
  • patch Guard to locate CamelCased modules correctly


$ rake


Roberto Huelga Díaz