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The first thing you need is a tokenizer.
I suggest creating a class that takes a whole file
and reads it into a char array.
That class also contains a int position.
That class contains a method called getNextSourceToken or so
that returns object of type Token.
Token is a class that simply encapuslates a String and
contains some useful info messaages about the token.
Then you create a class called TokenList. That class
contains a List of Token, a position, an offset and a limit.
This is useful so you don't have to create sub char arrays for different parts
of the source code.
Then you create a utility function somewhere that turns a file into a TokenList.
Next you create an interface containg 3 methods:
String getName();
RayClassInterface invoke( String methodName, RayMethod closure, List<RayClassInterface> parameter);
RayClassInterface getNewInstance( List<RayClassInterface> parameter);
Then you create a new class called RayClass and RayString and RayInteger.
Let all 3 implement the interface.
RayString and RayInteger are your first native classes.