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A Quake3Arena BSP and MAP file parser written in Java

Update: Now contains a Quake2 to Prodeus Map Converter!

Please Note: If you have issues with getting the converter to run, I have uploaded the resulting file (base1.emap) and the needed Materials to the downloads page as well. You can find the converted map and the Materials here:

Please click on "Assets" to open up the hidden file section.

Here are the steps needed to convert Quake2 Base1 to Prodeus:

  1. Buy, install and run Prodeus at least once.
  2. Download and extract from
  3. Download and extract from
  4. Download MapConverter from
  5. If you want to decompile BSPs to Maps, I had great success using this:

Update2: Now contains a Quake3 to glTF Converter!