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WebGL and RequireJS Demo

A project that shows how great WebGL and RequireJS work together

View a live demo here:

View a a prettier version of this text here:

What do you get with this demo project ?

  • A beautiful WebGL engine modularized using RequireJS.
  • A simple node based scene graph.
  • A 6 degrees of freedom Camera class without Gimbal-Lock ( think space ship view).
  • A Spatial class that allows objects to be moved and rotated relative to its current position.
  • 3 shader programs included (points, textured, color ).
  • Learn how to use RequireJS to load shader source files easily.
  • Learn an effective way to switch shader programs.
  • WebGL particles using the included points shader.
  • Matrix calculations are done with the excellent gl-matrix.
  • A strong case why and how to use RequireJS with WebGL
  • incl. the text and domReady extensions for RequireJS.

Please note this is not a full featured engine like ThreeJS or CubicVRJS.

This project is aimed at giving programmers a good starting point if they want to work with pure WebGL.


A project that shows how great WebGL and RequireJS work together






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