Health Checks

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Health checks are useful for determining the overall operational state of a system. They provide some kind of internal monitoring which collects metrics, evaluate them and provide a consolidated view of the system. This is different to classical monitoring solutions like Nagios, where external systems collect metrics and evaluate them against some threshold on their own.

This page summarizes the current implementation plans for Health-Checks, which are targeted for Jolokia 1.x. (With some adaptions they should work for Jolokia 2.x as well).

Jolokia MBeanPlugin

Health checks use the Jolokia MBeanPlugin plugin to hook into the lifecycle. This plugin, when called with init() registers one (or more) MBeans which in turn provide the health check functionality. The plugin also receives plugin specific configuration information which e.g. can contain a path on the filesystem, where health checks are stored.

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