This is a command line self host with auto reload feature for the Nancy web framework
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This a command line self host with auto reload feature for the Nancy web framework

The target is to get a simple host to quickly develop web clients with the support of Nancy framework from the server/api side. This should be considered as something like shotgun in the Ruby/Sinatra world.

When you work on your web interface, it is usuful to have a server running with files or mockup apis in order to really respond to your ajax calls. With a scripting language loaded page by page it is just trivial (yes, I'm looking at you old php boy), with a scripting language running an application that needs a bootstrap initialization, routing management and so on, it is more complicated (not really, but you need a tool, like Shotgun in Sinatra world), and in a compiled world, it can be painful...

So that's the targets of Nancy Rabbit:

  • write a minimal Nancy module class in your working folder
  • Run rabbit.exe on this folder
  • Browse to it
  • Add a new route to your module
  • just Reload, it works, your changes here ;-)


This project in it's current state is still a POC (but a working one ;-). Due to the good feedbacks, I am planning making it cleaner and have a lot of stuff in mind. please, put your ideas and feedbacks in the issues section in this github if you have any!

Thanks to @TheCodeJunkie, we have now a small demo of .net web dev with NancyRabbit:

<iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Demo of NancyRabbit from Nancy on Vimeo.