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2023 RAFWE and WFGRS Github Workshop

A github workshop on github? How deliciously meta.

This workshop was inspired by Dr. Mark Novak's and Dr. Ben Dalziel's IB 516 Analytical Workflows course taught at Oregon State University in the fall. The content of this workshop is truly just a drop in the bucket of all that you can learn in that course, and I highly recommend taking it if you're able to! I'm grateful to both Dr. Novak and Dr. Dalziel for getting me started with github, this workshop is largely plagiarized from inspired by their course.

The goal of this workshop is to get you started using github, primarily to organize, backup, and share your data and code. By the end of the workshop, you should be able to create repositories for projects, using them to seamlessly transfer between workstations with ease, and share them with your PI/collaborators.

This workshop is broken down into six main components:

  1. Preparation (to be done before the workshop, for real, we're not doing this during the workshop homie)
  2. Introduction to Github (lecture component)
  3. Making a Github Repo
  4. Cloning, Pushing, and Pulling with the Repo
  5. Compartmentalized coding with the power of repos
  6. A taste of what else you can do (brief lecture component)

Hopefully, by the end of this workshop you'll have a solid foundation to begin using github in your everyday work flow, and you'll find it much easier to back up your data, and remember exactly where you were the last time you worked on a project.


A github workshop ON GITHUB? How deliciously meta.






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