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A tool to upload GPX files to multiple tracking services.
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Converter to upload GPX data with HR/Cadence/Temp/Elevation into Strava, Garmin Connect, & RideWithGPS.

Known Compatible with Garmin eTrex, Oregon, & Mio devices

To use on windows, make sure Java 1.7 is installed and simply download/save:

and double click it to run it.

Converter was concieved to allow Heart Rate and Cadence data that are supported by the eTrex 30 to be input in the Strava tracking website. But the converter should work for any Garmin device that supports Cadence/HR Sensors. Mio support was added as well. (Thanks dvdeurse for the clues!)


When "Yes" is checked for Altimeter, the app plugs in "Garmin Edge 800" so strava knows to use the readings in the file from the GPS. If "No" is checked, the app plugs in "Garmin Edge 200" which doesn't have an altimeter, and Strava will then use it's own elevation profile database.

Activity names only seem to work with RideWithGPS at the moment. Neither Strava nor Garmin Connect will pull the name out of the TCX file it seems. So you will have to go in and rename your rides post-upload if you wish.

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