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"Room object"
import datetime
class Room(object):
def __init__(self, campfire, room_id, data, connector):
self._campfire = campfire
self._connector = connector
# The id of the room = room_id
# The raw data of the room = data
# The name of the room = data["name"]
def __repr__(self):
return "<Room: %s>" %
def __eq__(self, other):
return ==
def _path_for_room(self, path):
uri = 'room/%s' %
if path:
uri = '%s/%s' % (uri, path)
return uri
def _get(self, path='', data=None, headers=None, parse_body=True):
return self._connector.get(self._path_for_room(path), data, headers, parse_body=parse_body)
def _post(self, path, data=None, headers=None, file_upload=False):
self._path_for_room(path), data, headers, file_upload=file_upload)
def _put(self, path, data=None, headers=None):
return self._connector.put(self._path_for_room(path), data, headers)
def _send(self, message, type_='TextMessage'):
data = {'message': {'body': message, 'type': type_}}
return self._post('speak', data)
def join(self):
"Joins the room."
def leave(self):
"Leaves the room."
def lock(self):
"Locks the room to prevent new users from entering."
def unlock(self):
"Unlocks the room."
def users(self):
"Gets info about users chatting in the room."
return self._campfire.users(['name'])
def transcript(self, date=None):
("Gets the transcript for the given date "
"(a instance) or today.")
date = date or
transcript_path = "transcript/%s/%s/%s" % (
date.year, date.month,
return self._get(transcript_path)['messages']
def speak(self, message):
"Sends a message to the room. Returns the message content."
return self._send(message, type_='TextMessage')['message']
def paste(self, message):
"Pastes a message to the room. Returns the message content."
return self._send(message, type_='PasteMessage')['message']
def sound(self, message):
"Plays a sound into the room. Returns the message content."
return self._send(message, type_='SoundMessage')['message']
def fetch_tweet(self, twitter_status_url):
"Fetches a tweet from a Twitter status URL. Returns the message content."
return self._send(twitter_status_url, type_='TweetMessage')['message']
def update(self, name, topic):
"Updates name and/or topic of the room."
data = {'room': {'name': name, 'topic': topic}}
self._put('', data)
def uploads(self):
"Lists recently uploaded files."
return self._get('uploads')['uploads']
def upload(self, fileobj):
"Uploads the content of the given file-like object to the room."
data = {'upload': fileobj}
return self._post('uploads', data, file_upload=True)['upload']
def get_upload(self, upload_id):
return self._get("uploads/%s/upload" % upload_id, parse_body=False)
def recent_messages(self, limit=100, since_message_id=None):
("Returns upto limit (max 100) messages optionally "
"starting from since_message_id.")
data = dict(limit=limit, since_message_id=since_message_id)
return self._get('recent', data)['messages']
def highlight_message(self, message_id):
"Highlights a message."
path = 'messages/%s/star' % message_id
def remove_highlight_from_message(self, message_id):
"Removes a highlight from a message."
path = 'messages/%s/star' % message_id
def listen(self, callback, errback, start_reactor=True):
("Listens on room conversation calling the callback on each message. "
"The errback will be called upon networking problems, parsing errors "
"and on shutdown. The callback's argument is the message. "
"The errback's is the exception. start_reactor as True starts Twisted's reactor")
from pinder import streaming
username, password = self._connector.get_credentials()
streaming.start(username, password,, callback, errback, start_reactor)
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