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start Twisted reactor by default

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1 parent b85fa3d commit a8a2a3e604684b7015c984eca42dd7fb7cf54816 @rhymes committed Sep 23, 2011
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@@ -115,11 +115,11 @@ def remove_highlight_from_message(self, message_id):
path = 'messages/%s/star' % message_id
- def listen(self, callback, errback):
+ def listen(self, callback, errback, start_reactor=True):
("Listens on room conversation calling the callback on each message. "
"The errback will be called upon networking problems, parsing errors "
"and on shutdown. The callback's argument is the message. "
- "The errback's is the exception.")
+ "The errback's is the exception. start_reactor as True starts Twisted's reactor")
from pinder import streaming
username, password = self._connector.get_credentials()
- streaming.start(username, password,, callback, errback)
+ streaming.start(username, password,, callback, errback, start_reactor)

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