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Brushstrokes I've made for MrDoob's Harmony canvas app

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This version of mrdoob's and rhyolight's Harmony application aims to provide some extra functionality including:

  • better palette (bounds + slots interpolated between those)
  • undo/redo
  • gradient background (x/y/others?)
  • scanfill brush

Currently it provides following extra functionality:

  • mirroring (x, y, radial)
  • "sticky" palette (shift). Note that it's not possible to paint under the palette!
  • vertical constraint (hit s while painting)
  • horizontal constraint (hit a while painting)
  • perspective constraint (hit d while painting, set target with f)

You can find more information about Harmony at

See also

To run, just open harmony.html in a canvas-enabled web browser.

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