Pre-baked SVG+HTML5 template
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SVG Boilerplate


This is a very early, alpha, untested version. It has all sorts of horrible flaws and will probably catch fire if you pet it wrong. Don't feed the elements.

This is work in progress, it probably doesn't do all that it says on the tin. It hasn't been tested with all the relevant platforms.


External components:

  • Modernizr: MIT/BSD license
  • SVG Web: Apache License, Version 2.0
  • FakeSMIL: MIT

Everything else:

Many thanks to the HTML5 Boilerplate!


This is a set of files based on the same principle as the HTML5 Boilerplate, intended to help developers bootstrap an SVG-using HTML5 document with the following tricks:

  1. Cross-browser compatible, down to IE6
  2. SVG working in HTML even where HTML5 parsing isn't supported (with minimal caveats)
  3. SMIL support everywhere
  4. Server-side configuration of the proper media types in case they aren't already there
  5. Should be easy enough to include into the HTML5 Boilerplate if you're already using that


You may wonder why there is a tools directory, and having looked into it scream that it contains some Java. The reason for this is that in cases where SVG Web emulation kicks in, it will have trouble accessing content from file:// — you have to use it from a web server. In the unlikely case that you don't have one handy, fire up the one in tools, as explained in the SVG Web documentation.