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Crisp is one of Lisp dialect which is based on mal and implemented with Crystal. This project is a toy box for my dynamic language ideas.


So Many Tasks

  • Refactorings
    • Make is_a? guards more elegant
    • Import test cases from Mal
    • Add CI
    • More OOP (evaluator, remove global variable, move states into object)
    • Use standard readline implementation
    • Better lexer and parser
    • Add examples
    • More convenient REPL (e.g. completion)
  • New language features using Crystal's semantics
    • Algebraic data type
    • ...


  1. Install crystal command (instruction)
  2. $ crystal run /path/to/Crisp/ or use crystal compile to create a binary.


Please see mal test cases for now.

Development Environment

  • OS X
  • Crystal 0.23.1


Distributed under the MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2015 rhysd