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Customize Shiba with YAML

You can put config.yml (or config.yaml) in Shiba's application directory. Application directory is

  • ~/Library/Application\ Support/Shiba for OS X
  • ~/.config/Shiba for Linux
  • %APPDATA%\Shiba for Windows.

Below is an example for config.yml.

width: 1000
height: "max"
linter: "remark-lint"
        - preset-lint-consistent
        - preset-lint-recommended
    responsive: false
    visible: false
    font_size: 10px

All keys for the YAML configuration file is below (. means a nested object):

Key Description Value Default
width Window width Number of pixel or "max" 920
height Window height Number of pixel or "max" 800
linter Linter name "remark-lint" or "markdownlint" or "none" "remark-lint"
file_ext Extensions to detect Array of extensions for each file types See below section
lint_options Options for linter Depends on linter Not specified
shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts definition See below section
voice.enabled Notify with voice enable/disable with boolean value false
voice.source Path to voice source Path string "../voices/bow.mp3"
drawer.responsive Make drawer responsive Enable responsive drawer with boolean value true
menu.visible Left menu visibility Left menu is visible or not (boolean value) true
ignore_path_pattern Regex to ignore path Regex string which path should be ignored "[\\/]\." (dotfiles)
hide_title_bar Hide a title bar (OS X) hide a tool bar if true false
hide_menu_bar Hide a menu bar (Windows) hide a menu bar (will be shown on alt key) true
markdown.font_size Size of font in preview Specify font size by string (e.g. "10px") ""
markdown.css_path Path to css file to load Specify CSS file to style a markdown preview "/path/to/github-markdown.css"
markdown.code_theme Color theme for code block Specify highlight.js style theme for code block "github"
restore_window_state Restore window size and position Restores the last window state on start if true true
path_watcher.default_path Default path watching at startup Path to directory or file by string Not specified
path_watcher.follow_symlinks Only watches symlinks themselves If true, following the links to bubble events false
  • If you use remark-lint as linter, linter_options would accept only plugins config as array.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

You can customize the keyboard shortcuts as the value of shortcuts key in configuration. You can specify a shortcut and corresponding action as key-value configuration. Shiba uses Mousetrap. Please see the Mousetrap's document to know how to write the key sequence. Below is a vim-like keymaps customization example.

    "g g": "PageTop"
    "shift+g": "PageBottom"
    i: ""
    m: ""
    command+q: "QuitApp"
    "shift+z shift+z": "QuitApp"

If an action is empty string "" or null, the shortcut will be disabled.

Remove Title Bar

hidden title bar

On OS X, you can hide the title bar and use full of entire window to show preview. To enable this, please write config as below in config.yml.

hide_title_bar: true

CSS and Code Highlight

You can use your favorite CSS file and code highlighting theme for markdown preview. Shiba uses highlight.js, so you can specify the name of code theme supported by highlight.js.

css_path and code_theme entries are available to customize them. Below is an example for using tufte-css and 'Tomorrow' theme.

    css_path: '/path/to/tufte.css'
    code_theme: 'tomorrow'

theme customization

File Extensions

You can specify file extensions to watch with key file_ext as described in above table. The extensions are array of string for each file types. Below is default configuration.

        - "md"
        - "markdown"
        - "mkd"
        - "html"

Voice Notification

When linter reports some errors or warnings, Shiba can notify that with voice. You can specify the resource for the voice as below. You can use any format supported by <audio> tag.

    enabled: true
    source: /path/to/your/favorite/sound

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