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Trendy is a GitHub Trending Repository viewer for trend-conscious people. Trendy watches the GitHub trends and notifies the update to you. The app can be integrated to menubar or used as isolated app.

GitHub trending repositofy page is one of my favorite pages. However, GitHub provides no API for it and I had to access each language's trend pages and had to find new repositories among many popular repositories. Trendy was made to improve the experience.

main screenshot


  • Manage unread repositories. Trendy remember you already checked the trending repository or not.
  • Current trending repositories of your favorite languages.
  • All past trending repositories of your favorite languages.
  • Cross platform (built on Electron). For OS X, Linux and Windows.
  • Menu bar integrated window or isolated window.
  • Embedded browser support
  • Language filters

Installation and Prepare

Download zip file from Release Page.

If you download and unzip application release from GitHub, please click executable to start.


After clicking the app icon, the languages picker window will be launched. You can choose favorite languages to watch their trend. You can search by the name of languages incrementally in the window. After finishing to pick up, push 'Go' button to start Trendy. First, Trendy scrapes trending pages and calls GitHub API to get repositories' information. This is because GitHub provide no API for GitHub trending repositories. After a while, the result will be shown in the menu window.

Trendy does polling GitHub trending repositories per hour to update the trends and to notify it to you.


usage screenshot

'New' tab

In 'New' tab, the repositories firstly emerging as trending repository are shown. You can mark them as read. The repositories marked as read are removed from the 'New' tab.

'Current' tab

In 'Current' tab, the current GitHub trending repositories are shown.

'All' tab

In 'All' tab, the repositories which have ever emerged as trending repository are shown.


Notified menu bar Normal menu bar
notified menubar normal menubar

Trendy does polling GitHub trending repositories per hour. When Trendy finds new comers to GitHub trending repositories, it notifies them by changing the color of menu bar icon. When new repositories are registered as 'new', the icon will be red as above.

Embedded Browser

By clicking links in the window, embedded browser slides in. It shows mobile pages of the links. You can go forward/back, open the page in external browser and close the embedded browser.

Language Filters and Options

You can access to menu by clicking right above menu button. The menu includes word search, language filters and options. Language filters filter the repositories in the menu window by language. Options can force to update the trends, show settings file by your favorite editor and exit Trendy.

Isolated Window

Setting mode value to "isolated" in config.json enables isolated window (Path to config.json is described in next section). Instead of menu window, Trendy main window shows up as isolated window. Side menu, which is hidden in menu window, is always shown in isolated window mode. In Windows environment, this isolated window is enabled by default because menubar window works only when task bar is put to bottom.

isolated window screen shot


Config File

You can customize Trendy by modifying config.json.

OS Path
OS X ~/Library/Application\ Support/Trendy/config.json
Linux ~/.config/Trendy/config.json
Windows %APPDATA%\Trendy\config.json

You can access this file by 'Settings' in side menu.

Config Values

Name Default Description
mode 'menubar' Window mode, 'menubar' or 'isolated'
width 400 Window width
height 400 Window height
languages [] Languages to watch. You can leave this value empty
icon_color 'black' Menu icon color, 'black' or 'white'
proxy '' URL for proxy
hot_key '' Hot key to toggle window. Format is here
auto_start false Automatically start Trendy as OS starts up



Below tools are required to develop Trendy.

Build and Start App

$ rake build
$ npm start


Distributed under the MIT License.