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Extended f, F, t and T key mappings for Vim.

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clever-f.vim extends f, F, t and T mappings for more convenience. Instead of ;, f is available to repeat after you type f{char} or F{char}. F after f{char} and F{char} is also available to undo a jump. t{char} and T{char} are ditto. This extension makes a repeat easier and makes you forget the existence of ;. You can use ; for other key mapping. If you want to reset the searching character without moving cursor, map <Plug>(clever-f-reset) to your favorite key. In addition, you can customize a behavior of the mappings.


Screen shot

I'll show some examples of usage. _ is the place of cursor, -> is a move of cursor, alphabets above -> is input by keyboard.

input:       fh         f         f      e         fo         f
move :  _---------->_------>_---------->_->_---------------->_->_
input:                            F                            F
move :                        _<-----------------------------_<-_
text :  hoge        huga    hoo         hugu                ponyo

input:        f        Fh       b     f                         Fo
move :  _<----------_<------_<-_<-----------------------------_<-_
input:        F        F          F
move :  _---------->_------>_----------->_
text :  hoge        huga    huyo         hugu                ponyo

input:       th         t         t      e         to         t
move :  _--------->_------>_---------->_-->_--------------->_->_
input:                            T                            T
move :                         _<-----------------------------__
text :  hoge        huga    hoo         hugu                ponyo


Search a character only in current line

g:clever_f_across_no_line controls to search a character across multi lines or not. Please set it to 1 in your vimrc to search a character only in current line.

Ignore case

g:clever_f_ignore_case controls to make a search case-insensitive or not. Please set it to 1 in your vimrc to ignore case.

Smart case

g:clever_f_smart_case controls make smart case or not. If and only if you type an lower case character, clever-f.vim ignores case. Please set it to 1 in your vimrc to make smart case

Migemo support

In Japanese environment, it is convenient that fa matches in some cases. Originally, this feature is provided by migemo. clever-f can search multibyte Japanese character with f, 'F', 't' and 'T' key mappings. A cmigemo package is NOT required because clever-f includes regex patterns generated by migemo. Set clever_f_use_migemo to 1 to get migemo support.

Fix a direction of search

If you always want to search forward with f and always want to search backward with F, set g:clever_f_fix_key_direction to 1.

input:        F        Fh     b     F                         Fo
move :  _<----------_<------_<-_<-----------------------------_<-_
input:        f        f          f
move :  _---------->_------>_----------->_
text :  hoge        huga    huyo         hugu                ponyo

Show prompt

If you want to show a prompt when you input a character for clever-f, set g:clever_f_show_prompt to 1. The prompt is disposed after a character is input.

Match all signs with one char

Many sign(like {, (, ", and so on) keys are hard to press. If you want to match ; key to all signs, you can use g:clever_f_chars_match_any_signs. If you set it to ';', f; matches all signs.

input:   f;   f       f      f f       f       f
move :  _-->_--->_--------->_>_>_------------>_>_
text :  hoge.huga( autoloads: %w{ aaa bbb ccc } )


If you want to use the latest version, use dev branch.


Distributed under MIT License. See doc/clever_f.txt

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