A Vim plugin for more pleasant editing on commit messages
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More Pleasant Editing on Commit Message

When you type git commit, Vim starts and opens a commit buffer. This plugin improves the commit buffer.

committia.vim splits the buffer into 3 windows; edit window, status window and diff window. You no longer need to repeat moving to another window, scrolling and backing to the former position in order to see a long commit diff.

If the width of Vim window is too narrow (160 characters by default), committia.vim falls back to single column mode, which has 2 windows; edit window and diff window.

For wide window:

double column mode

For narrow window:

single column mode


You can hook on opening the windows.

Available hooks are:

  • edit_open: When opening a commit message window, this hook is called from the window.
  • diff_open: When opening a diff window, this hook is called from the window.
  • status_open: When opening a status window, this hook is called from the window. Please note that this hook is not called on single-column mode since it does not have a dedicated window for status.

A vimrc example is below.

" You can get the information about the windows with first argument as a dictionary.
"   KEY              VALUE                      AVAILABILITY
"   vcs            : vcs type (e.g. 'git')   -> all hooks
"   edit_winnr     : winnr of edit window    -> ditto
"   edit_bufnr     : bufnr of edit window    -> ditto
"   diff_winnr     : winnr of diff window    -> ditto
"   diff_bufnr     : bufnr of diff window    -> ditto
"   status_winnr   : winnr of status window  -> all hooks except for 'diff_open' hook
"   status_bufnr   : bufnr of status window  -> ditto

let g:committia_hooks = {}
function! g:committia_hooks.edit_open(info)
    " Additional settings
    setlocal spell

    " If no commit message, start with insert mode
    if a:info.vcs ==# 'git' && getline(1) ==# ''

    " Scroll the diff window from insert mode
    " Map <C-n> and <C-p>
    imap <buffer><C-n> <Plug>(committia-scroll-diff-down-half)
    imap <buffer><C-p> <Plug>(committia-scroll-diff-up-half)


Mappings to scroll diff window for insert mode are available.

Mapping Description
<Plug>(committia-scroll-diff-down-half) Scroll down the diff window by half a screen.
<Plug>(committia-scroll-diff-up-half) Scroll up the diff window by half a screen.
<Plug>(committia-scroll-diff-down-page) Scroll down the diff window by a screen.
<Plug>(committia-scroll-diff-up-page) Scroll up the diff window by a screen.


Some variables are available to control the behavior of committia.vim.

g:committia_open_only_vim_starting (default: 1)

If the value is 0, committia.vim always attempts to open committia's buffer when COMMIT_EDITMSG buffer is opened. If you use vim-fugitive, I recommend to set this value to 1.

g:committia_use_singlecolumn (default: 'fallback')

If the value is 'always', committia.vim always employs single column mode.

g:committia_min_window_width (default: 160)

If the width of window is narrower than the value, committia.vim employs single column mode.

g:committia_status_window_opencmd (default: 'belowright split')

Vim command which opens a status window in multi-columns mode.

g:committia_diff_window_opencmd (default: 'botright vsplit')

Vim command which opens a diff window in multi-columns mode.

g:committia_singlecolumn_diff_window_opencmd (default: 'belowright split')

Vim command which opens a diff window in single-column mode.


  • Cooperate with vim-fugitive.
  • Add more VCS supports
  • Test all features



Distributed under the MIT license