CLI tool to translate Markdown document with Google translate
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Translate Markdown document on Google Translate

translate-markdown is a command line tool to translate your Markdown document on Google Translate. It receives Markdown document from stdin and strips it to plain text, then open Google Translate with the plain text on a browser.


$ npm install -g translate-markdown


Please see translate-markdown --help.

screen shot

$ translate-markdown [--help|--strip-only|--apikey {key}] {target lang}

    Translate Makrdown document from stdin.


    Below receive Markdown text ( from stdin and open a browser to
    translate it in Google Translate.

        $ cat | translate-markdown ja

    Note that there is restriction of the number of characters.


    {target lang}
        Specify target language you want to translate. For example, 'en' is for
        English and 'ja' is for Japanese. The language of markdown text is
        automatically detected.

        Strip markdown to plain text only. Stripped plain text is output to

    --apikey {key}
        Use Google Translate API isntead of opening a browser. The result text will
        be output to stdout. You can also use $TRANSLATE_MARKDOWN_APIKEY environment
        variable to set a API key.

        Show this help.

Features are also available from Node.js program. Please see index.js.


Use from Vim

function! s:translate_markdown(lang) abort
    if &filetype !=# 'markdown'
        echoerr 'Not a Markdown buffer!'

    if !executable('translate-markdown')
        echoerr '`translate-markdown` command is not found!'

    let start = getpos("'<")
    let end = getpos("'>")
    let saved = getpos('.')

    call setpos('.', start)
    normal! v
    call setpos('.', end)

    let save_reg_g = getreg('g')
    let save_regtype_g = getregtype('g')
        normal! "gy
        let input = getreg('g')
        call setreg('g', save_reg_g, save_regtype_g)

    let result = system('translate-markdown ' . a:lang, input)
    echo result
command! -nargs=0 -range=% TranslateMarkdown call <SID>translate_markdown('en')<CR>

Copy and paste above code to your .vimrc. Now :TranslateMarkdown command is available in visual mode and normal mode. Select the range you want to translate and execute :TranslateMarkdown, then Google Translate is opened with the selected text in browser.

If you want to map the command to some key sequence, please use :autocmd and :noremap. Below maps <Leader>T to the command.

autocmd FileType markdown noremap <buffer><Leader>T :TranslateMarkdown<CR>