Vim syntax support for CODEOWNERS file supported by GitHub
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Vim filetype support for GitHub CODEOWNERS file

CODEOWNERS file is officially supported by GitHub.

CODEOWNERS file syntax is basically the same as .gitignore. vim-syntax-codeowners provides additional syntax highlights and features for GitHub specific things:

  • Dedicated filetype codeowners
  • File path patterns highlighting
  • @user or @org/team highlighting


Default (ft=conf) By this plugin (ft=codeowners)
screenshot for conf screenshot-codeowners


If you use any package manager, please follow its instruction.

With vim-plug:

Plug 'rhysd/vim-syntax-codeowners'

With dein.vim:

call dein#add('rhysd/vim-syntax-codeowners')

With minpac:

call minpac#add('rhysd/vim-syntax-codeowners')

When you're using Vim's builtin packager, please follow instruction at :help pack-add.



If this variable exists and its value is set to 1, only setting codeowners filetype for .github/CODEOWNERS file. This configuration is conservative and useful when you may use CODEOWNERS file outside GitHub since .github directory is dedicated for GitHub. By default this plugin sets codeowners filetype at any CODEOWNERS files.


Repository is hosted at GitHub. Please report any issues or send patch by creating pull requests there.


Distributed under the MIT License