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add command arg description for --stdin and --stdin-file

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yuntan committed Jul 8, 2017
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@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ Wandbox has been created by @melpon and @kikairoya. Repository page is [here](h
## Usage
:[range]Wandbox [--compiler={compiler}] [--options={options}] [--file={file}] [--runtime-options]
:[range]Wandbox [--compiler={compiler}] [--options={options}] [--file={file}] [--runtime-options] [--stdin] [--stdin-file={stdin-file}]
If `[range]` is omitted, whole buffer would be selected.
@@ -30,6 +30,10 @@ If `[range]` is omitted, whole buffer would be selected.
`[--runtime-options]` specifies arguments for the program at runtime. You can input the arguments.
`[--stdin]` specifies stdin. You can input the arguments, or use global variable like `--stdin=g:stdin`.
`[--stdin-file]` specifies file which will be used as stdin.
Files included with relative paths in a source are expand automatically.
To send requests asynchronously, `curl` or `wget` command and [vimproc]( are required. Otherwise, requests are sent synchronously and they will block Vim.

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