No longer need to launch Appium manually for
Latest commit c120dc0 Feb 22, 2017 @rhysd v0.2.3 service plugin for Appium

Build Status service plugin for Appium. With this service installed, you need not to run Appium manually.


The easiest way is to keep wdio-appium-service as a devDependency in your package.json.

  "devDependencies": {
    "wdio-appium-service": "~0.2.2"

You can do this simply by adding it with:

npm install wdio-appium-service --save-dev

How to Use

Please register this package as service plugin and specify command line arguments in wdio.conf. 'appium' is used for command. If command key is provided in the configuration, it will be used.

  ... // Other config

  services: ['appium'],

  appium: {
    args: {
      address: '',
      commandTimeout: '7200',
      sessionOverride: true,
      debugLogSpacing: true,
      platformVersion: '9.1',
      platformName: 'iOS',
      showIosLog: true,
      deviceName: 'iPhone 6',
      nativeInstrumentsLib: true,
      isolateSimDevice: true,
      app: APP_PATH

For args, you can specify keys in lowerCamel. Its values are interpreted as its value. If value is boolean, true means specifying the key and false means not specifying.

For example, platformVersion: '9.1' will be converted to --platform-version=9.1, sessionOverride: true will be --session-override, showIosLog: false will specify nothing.

Debug Log

If NODE_ENV environment variable is set to debug, this service plugin dumps debug log to wdio_appium_service_debug_log.txt.


This software is distributed under the MIT license.