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  • Static files
    • SASS/SCSS compilation
    • JS minification?
    • Allow ES6/Typescript?
  • Plugins
    • Implement callbacks for plugin style things to run
    • Plugins should be added to path so they can use relative import
    • More plugin callbacks
    • Specify different plug path in settings
    • Can't import from plugins?
  • Content
    • Pages
    • Index
    • Implement authors
    • Index only content
    • Subsites
      • Subsites compiled into own directory
      • Subsite has own settings
      • Subsite has own themes (inherit from main where possible)
      • Allow specifying output paths
      • Allow specifying input paths
    • Source file linking
    • More SLUGS
  • Tidy
    • Import CONTEXT variable from module as needed rather than passing as parameter. Check this works with plugins.
    • Filepath helper class + standardised naming
    • Shared class for page, article, index to inherit (not sure this is necessary unless more file types are added)
  • Configurability
    • Add settings file
    • Configurable things
      • Base url
      • Source and build folders
      • Statics folders
      • Statics processing options
    • Use Jinja for slugs?
  • Caching
    • Customise article and page decaching triggers
    • Make sure default values work
    • Check 'cached' files exist in output location (make configurable)
    • Ability to subscribe to specific metadata from specific file types
  • Usability
    • Quickstart command to generate a basic example site