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@Nicholas-Westby Nicholas-Westby released this Aug 29, 2016 · 354 commits to master since this release

Since version 0.3.5, these changes have been made:

  • Drop Down Data Value Fix. You can now create new data value kinds that can be used with drop downs.
  • Data Value List Function. This new data value kind allows you to populate a drop down simply by implementing an interface, ISupplyValueAndLabelCollection, that returns a list of items. See here.
  • US State Supplier. To demonstrate the data value list function, an implementation was added that supplies a list of US states. See here.

The below screenshots show the new data value list function being used with the US state supplier. First, you create a new data value with the "List Function" selected as the type:


Next, you select the function you want to be used to populate the data values:


Once you create a form with a drop down field that has your recently created data value selected, you'll see that the drop down gets rendered with the appropriate values:


This list of US states is built into Formulate, but you can implement your own function that can return whatever you want (e.g., it could query a database for some values, or it could request values from a web service).

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