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module Precondition where
import qualified Data.Map as Map
import qualified Data.Set as Set
import qualified Agent as A
import qualified Mixture as M
import qualified Node as N
import Dynamics (MatchingSet)
import Misc
data View = Free
| Bnd1 N.NodeId A.SiteId
| Bnd0
| Int A.InternalStateId
deriving (Show, Eq, Ord)
type Preconditions = Map.Map (N.NodeId, N.PortId, View) MatchingSet
empty :: Preconditions
empty = Map.empty
insert :: M.Expr -> Preconditions -> Preconditions
insert mix wuMap = Map.foldrWithKey addAgent wuMap (M.agents mix)
where mixId = M.getId mix ? "Precondition.insert: missing id"
addAgent :: A.AgentId -> A.Agent -> Preconditions -> Preconditions
addAgent agentId agent wuMap = A.foldInterface addSite wuMap agent
where agentName = A.nameId agent
addSite :: A.SiteId -> A.Site -> Preconditions -> Preconditions
addSite siteId (int, lnk) = addInt int . addLnk lnk
where ccId = M.componentOfId agentId mix ? "Precondition.insert: missing component"
addInt Nothing = id
addInt (Just int) = addCcToView (Int int)
addLnk A.Unspecified = id
addLnk A.Free = addCcToView Free
addLnk A.SemiLink = addCcToView Bnd0
addLnk A.Bound = addCcToView (Bnd1 nbName nbSiteId)
where nbName = A.nameId (M.agentOfId nbId mix ? "Precondition.insert: agent not found")
(nbId, nbSiteId) = M.follow (agentId, siteId) mix ? "Precondition.insert: neighbour not found"
addCcToView :: View -> Preconditions -> Preconditions
addCcToView view wuMap = Map.insert (agentName, siteId, view) (Set.insert (mixId, ccId) set) wuMap
where set = Map.findWithDefault Set.empty (agentName, siteId, view) wuMap
findAll :: N.NodeId -> N.PortId -> Maybe A.InternalStateId -> Maybe (N.NodeId, N.PortId) -> Bool -> Preconditions -> MatchingSet
findAll name siteId int lnk isFree wuMap = intSet int `Set.union` lnkSet lnk
where intSet Nothing = Set.empty
intSet (Just u) = Map.findWithDefault Set.empty (name, siteId, Int u) wuMap
lnkSet Nothing | isFree = Set.empty
| otherwise = Map.findWithDefault Set.empty (name, siteId, Free) wuMap
lnkSet (Just (name', siteId')) = Map.findWithDefault Set.empty (name, siteId, Bnd0) wuMap
Map.findWithDefault Set.empty (name, siteId, Bnd1 name' siteId') wuMap
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