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Library for compiling thermodynamical Kappa into Kappa.

Well, at least that's the goal. For now, what I have is a small program to compute minimal glueings.


Compile: ghc --make -O MinimalGlueings

To compile it, you will need GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) and the vector, parsec and indents libraries.

Usage: ./MinimalGlueings inputfile.ka

The input file must contain two Kappa expressions separated by a semicolon.

The program will generate one DOT file with all minimal glueings in textual representation plus one DOT file for each minimal glueing detailing agent mappings in a graphical way.

Additional Tools


Compile: ghc --make -O Frag

Usage: ./Frag inputfile.ka n where n is the maximum number of differential equations to print (there can be a infinite number of them, that's why).