GCP 101 by Ri4C – The Beginner’s Guide to Computer Programming Using Google Cloud Platform
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GCP 101 by Ri4C

The Beginner’s Guide to Computer Programming Using Google Cloud Platform | Cloud Computing for Beginners

Table of Contents | Read the first chapter | Cover Page | GCP Shortcuts at Ri4C

About this book

Written by Nickantony Quach of Rhode Island, the online book, GCP 101 by Ri4C, is the beginner’s guide to computer programming using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It is a great way to get started with computer programming as well as with cloud computing. No prior programming experiences are required. It is also a great book for getting to know Google Cloud Platform in a hurry. No prior knowledge of GCP is required. It is easy to use for high school and college students without any prior programming experiences. Yet, it is not boring to seasoned programmers who wanted to get started with cloud programming.

The online book, GCP 101 by Ri4C, is divided into several chapter sequences. All chapters in the same sequence cover the same area of knowledge and stay at the same level of granularity. For example, the first sequence walks you across the Google Cloud Platform to show you two of its key modules, Datastore and Cloud Functions. Although source code is involved, you’re not expected to understand its logic at all. All the details in computer programming and the subtleties of cloud computing will be covered by later sequences.

Quick Start Guide

The fastest way for a beginner to experience cloud computing and understand how to create and use a cloud service is to first read the chapter, Chapter 26 JavaScript calling Google Cloud Functions, in the online book, GCP 101 by Ri4C.

About the source code

Source code Chapter