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Republic of Estonia Information System Authority X-ROAD European Union / European Regional Development Fund / Investing in your future

X-Road v6 monitor project - Open Data Interface User Guide

The project maintains X-Road v6 log of service calls (queries), published as opendata.

X-Road monitoring data is collected from Estonian X-Road members security servers available by X-Road Center (Republic of Estonia Information System Authority, Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, RIA) and published as opendata with a delay of 10 days from actual transaction execution time.

Data is renewed nightly, between 0:00-6:00 (EET UTC+2h / EEST UTC+3h).

Logs are anonymized, ie sensitive fields are removed, incl:

  • monitoringDataTs: The Unix timestamp in seconds when the record was received by the monitoring daemon
  • securityServerInternalIp: Internal IP address of the security server
  • messageUserId: Personal code of the client that initiated the request
  • messageIssue: Client's internal identifier of a file or document related to the service
  • messageId: Unique identifier of the message
  • clientSecurityServerAddress: External address of client's security server (IP or name)
  • serviceSecurityServerAddress: External address of service provider's security server (IP or name)

Timestamps (specifically requestInTs) are rounded to hour precision and presented in form of Unix timstamp (epoch time).

Additional calculations from timestamps available are made:

  • requestInDate - human-readable date presentation of timestamp requestInTs
  • producerDurationProducerView - when available, then calculated as substraction 'Producer responseOutTs (6)' - 'Producer requestInTs (3)'
  • totalDuration - when available, then calculated as substraction 'Client responseOutTs (8)' - 'Client requestInTs (1)'

Explanation of timestamps (1) - (8): Timestamps

Initial page

After navigating to, (or http:// when security certificate not in place yet) we should see the following page:

Initial Interface page

Date constraint

Click on the Date section and it should show

Interface datetimepicker

The dataset is available from the moment it was available by X-Road members and collected by RIA for ecosystem monitoring purposes. Those dates are selectable.

After selecting date (sample: September 19, 2017) and clicking on the green "Preview" button, we should see both of the entries from the day:

Interface datetimepicker

Column constraints

When we change the date to (sample: September 20, 2017) and select "id" and "totalDuration"

Interface datetimepicker

after clicking "Preview" again, we should see

Interface datetimepicker

Value and order constraints

When ignoring entries with "None" value and requesting only entries with "id" greater than 10 and ordering by ascending "totalDuration"

Interface datetimepicker

we should see:

Interface datetimepicker


When clicking on "Download" instead of "Preview", the browser should initiate a file download. The contents should look similar to

Interface datetimepicker