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Spifind-Spot the Spider

"Spifind-Spot the Spider" is a web game for kids who use eye-tracking equipment to play games.This game aims to provide opportunities for free exploration and helps assess the positioning and calibration skills of a child.

In a dark room, the player uses the flashlight to find and capture the spider.The flashlight will be controlled by the movement of their eyes. Dart the flashlight around the room and when it is on the spider, dwell/blink to capture it.

Know more about eye tracking here:-

This game is being developed as a Google Summer of Code 2018 project under the Inclusive Design Institute.

Play game here

What are we using

To run

You'll need to have git and node installed in your system.

  • Clone the project git clone

  • Then install the dependencies npm install

  • Run development server npm start

Open the web browser to http://localhost:8888/

How to play the game without the eye-tracking equipment?

Free eye tracking softwares like GazePointer, Precision Eye Mouse can be used with an external switch or dwell & click software to play the game.