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ExBLAS -- Exact (fast, accurate, and reproducible) BLAS library v1.0

ExBLAS aims at providing new algorithms and implementations for fundamental linear algebra operations -- like those included in the BLAS library -- that deliver reproducible and accurate results with small or without losses to their performance on modern parallel architectures such as Intel desktop and server processors, Intel Xeon Phi co-processors, and GPU accelerators. We construct our approach in such a way that it is independent from data partitioning, order of computations, thread scheduling, or reduction tree schemes.

The current version of the ExBLAS library is equipped with

  • ExSUM -- Reproducible and accurate parallel reduction (parallel summation);
  • ExDOT -- Reproducible and accurate parallel dot product;
  • ExGEMV -- Reproducible and accurate parallel matrix-vector product for various sizes (m = n, m >= n, and m <= n) for both transpose and non-transpose matrices;
  • ExTRSV -- Reproducible and accurate parallel triangular solver for both transpose and non-transpose, lower and unit triangular matrices with unit and non-unit diagonals;
  • ExGEMM -- Reproducible and accurate parallel matrix-matrix multiplication for squeare matrices for a moment. These routines can be executed on a set of architectures: Intel Core i7 and Sandy Bridge processors; Intel Xeon Phi co-processors; both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs using the OpenCL framework.


In order to use ExBLAS, the following software is needed:

  • [Required] Cmake of version 2.8.8 or higher
  • [Required] For CPUs, support of AVX instructions
  • [Required] For CPUs, Intel TBB library of version 4.0 or higher
  • [Required] For CPUs, support of C++11
  • [Required] For MIC, Intel C/C++ compilers
  • [Required] For GPUs only, OpenCL of version 1.1 or higher
  • [Optional] GMP of version 6.0
  • [Optional] MPFR of version 3.1.2 The later two are required to verify the accuracy and reproducibility of the results.



  • Download the latest version of source code from
  • Extract the sources from a tar.gz archive (tar -zxvf) to {EXBLAS_ROOT} folder
  • Create a build dir in the root of the library and move there

Compilation Options

  • -DEXBLAS_MPI=ON -- enables compilation with MPI. By default, only shared-memory parallelism is activated
  • -DEXBLAS_MIC=ON -- enables compilation for Intel MIC architectures
  • -DEXBLAS_GPU=ON -- enables compilation for GPUs -DEXBLAS_GPU_AMD=ON -- for AMD GPUs -DEXBLAS_GPU_NVIDIA=ON -- for NVIDIA GPUs
  • -DEXBLAS_VS_MPFR=ON -- compares the results against the ones produced by MPFR


  • For Intel CPU with AVX instructions: CC=icc CXX=icpp cmake .. make make install

  • With MPI: CC=mpicc CXX=mpicxx cmake -DEXBLAS_MPI=ON .. make make install

  • For GPU: CC=mpicc CXX=mpicxx cmake -DEXBLAS_GPU=ON -DEXBLAS_AMD|NVIDIA_GPU=ON .. make make install

  • For MIC: CC=mpicc CXX=mpicxx cmake -DEXBLAS_MIC=ON .. make make install


  • make test -- it will run several tests using naive, loguniform, and ill-cond number distribution comparing the results either against the ones produced by superaccumulators only or by MPFR

  • All tests are stored in the tests dir


  • [Required] Doxygen of version 1.8.0

  • [Optional] LaTeX in case you want to generate documentation in pdf format

  • -DEXBLAS_DOC=ON -- enables generationg of the ExBLAS documentation using Doxygen and LaTeX

  • make doc -- command to generate an html version of the ExBLAS documentation

  • make pdf -- command to generate a pdf version of the ExBLAS documentation


In the example dir you can find a simple test that shows how the ExBLAS routines can be called and how the ExBLAS library can be linked from your project.


ExBLAS: fast, accurate, and reproducible BLAS







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