Extensions Library for ADO.NET Entity Framework CTP5. Contains a set of utility classes providing additional functionality on top of Entity Framework CTP5, Code-First.
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Entity Framework Extensions

The ADO.NET Entity Framework Extensions library contains a set of utility classes with additional functionality to Entity Framework CTP5.

The latest version is at: http://github.com/rialib/efextensions


This class can be used to send you notification (or throw an exception) if model and database schema are out of sync.

DbDatabase.SetInitializer<DatabaseContext>(new NotifyIfModelOutOfSync<DatabaseContext>());

using (var db = new DatabaseContext())


This class can be used to make Entity Framework generate db schema for your models with respect to their parent namespace(s). For example if you have a model RiaLib.Data.Models.Membership.User then corresponding db table will be called [Membership].[User] instead of [dbo].[User].

public class DatabaseContext : DbContext
    protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)
        modelBuilder.Conventions.Add(new TableSchemaConvention());

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