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License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

About this repository

This repository contains data and code to reproduce results from

Minocher, et al. "Estimating the reproducibility of social learning research published between 1955 and 2018"

This code was written by Riana Minocher under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. See for details.

The code was written in R 4.0.3. Statistical models are fit using the Stan MCMC engine via the rstan package (2.21.2), which requires a C++ compiler. Installation instructions are available at The rethinking package (2.12) is required to process fitted model outputs - installation instructions at

How to run

To fit the model and process the output

  1. In R, set the working directory to this folder (i.e. "reproducibility-analysis") containing the and analysis.r.

  2. In the R console, execute the line source("analysis.r").

If the required packages are correctly installed, the code will take a few minutes to run and create the manuscript figures and tables in the output/ folder.

The model.stan file contains the model code, and is called by the analysis.R script.

The support folder

The support folder contains files that are supplementary to the main analysis.

The bib folder contains a list of our full sample of publications.

The script pps.R contains code to perform the prior predictive simulation, to verify reasonable behaviour of model priors.

The script robustness-checks.R performs a series of alternative analyses on the same data, to verify that our analysis choice does not bias our results. This scripts executes the models robustness-checks-m1.stan, robustness-checks-m2.stan and robustness-checks-code-availability.stan.

The script sample.R contains information on our justification of the sample size for the subset.

These scripts produce figures and tables which are stored to the output folder.

The protocols folder contains information we circulated amongst research team members on coding data, the template protocol for recording data and the data request template.

About the data

The table anon_database.csv, within the input folder, contains data on the 560 papers sampled in this study. Each row corresponds to a single publication, with the following data columns:

# key = unique identifier for a paper
# year = year of publication of paper
# type = type of data included in study, which is a composite of design (observational or experimental) and species (human or non-human)
# emailed = T/F whether the author was contacted about materials
# reason_no_email = why, if emailed is F
# downloaded = T/F whether (any) materials were obtained online
# reply_received = T/F whether author replied to request
# data_sent = T/F if materials were received from authors
# data_available = T/F whether downloaded OR data_sent
# n_results = number of results coded for this study, if sampled as part of second phase
# data_complete = number of results for which data was complete, or usable
# analysis_clear = number of results for which analysis steps were clear or executable
# reproduced = number of results which were successfully reproduced, i.e. corresponded to published results
# reproduced = number of results which were successfully reproduced, i.e. corresponded to published results
# scripted = 1/0 whether the study we evaluated had available code