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Automatically updated conversion of the "src" module from
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bin When using -ledit, also use -lterminfo, to allow static linking.
common #include <arm/cdefs.h> to get _ARM_ARCH_DWORD_OK
compat Define LIBGCC_MACHINE_ARCH so correct files are used o32 libgcc.
crypto Touch e_aes.c to force a rebuild with new compiler flags for AES-NI.
dist It is ridiculous to truncate files on character conversions without
distrib Install lutok's missing test_utils.hpp header file.
doc mention new services/protocols
etc refresh from IANA
external Install lutok's missing test_utils.hpp header file.
extsrc Top level reach-over directory for extsrc.
games Fix same typo in the other file in which it occurs
gnu Make GCC define __ARM_PCS and __ARM_PCS_VFP as defined by the ARM C L…
include More fixes from J.R. Oldroyd. We introduce a new function that can
lib remove code that did special handling for . and .. at the end of the …
libexec Make sure UUDECODE_FILES is empty if we do not have an old ld.so_aout
regress The sleeping test has been converted to ATF
rescue PR/47276: ftp has ssl support now.
sbin Don't produce spurious errors when creating labels on files.
share since /etc/rc.d/network now prints messages about DAD
sys inet & inet6 == wrong
tests Fix the error message handling. Thanks to Christos for noticing.
tools Work-around for python detection in LLVM's configure script
usr.sbin npftest/npf_blockall_rule: set NPF_RULE_DYNAMIC flag for the test rule.
x11 Revert previous: tsutsui noted that this file is for X11R6.
Makefile Add src/etc/Makefile.params, containing the definition of the don't set KERNSRCDIR here; pull in <> if you need it
UPDATING - Capitalization fixes (``OpenSSL'', not ``openssl''); add a disk-image=target option
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