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[en] Magrit is an online mapping application developed by UMS RIATE.
[fr] Magrit est une application de cartographie thématique développée par l'UMS RIATE.


  • Magrit is an online application for thematic mapping (cartography).
  • It's intentionally simple (the UI follows the basic steps of map creation).
  • It's designed for teaching and learning cartography.
  • It lets you import your own geometry dataset (Shapefile, GeoJSON, GML, etc.) and optionnaly your tabular file.
  • We also provide many sample datasets to try out the various representations and become familiar with the application.
  • It allows to render and combine a wide variety of maps: choropleth, proportional symbols, cartogram, discontinuity, etc.
  • It supports the most popular modern desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Opera (+ Edge and Safari with limitations).
  • Server-side, Magrit is backed by a python 3.5+ application (particularly for some geoprocessing tasks relying on GDAL, GEOS and PROJ.4 libraries).
  • Client-side, Magrit is written in modern JS (ES6) and uses notably the d3.js library.


Most users should go on :


More maps are available in the gallery.

Simple installation / Installation for development

The only targeted/tested OS for development is currently GNU/Linux.
However, you can install it on other platforms, which are supported by Docker (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Windows 64bits, MAC OSX) which is the preferred solution if you want to install Magrit for using it but don't want to do any development:

To install Magrit directly on your GNU/Linux system you have to install some shared libraries and python libraries. Once installed, the python server application can take care to concatenate/transpile/etc. the JS and CSS code. These steps are detailed in the Wiki and in the file:

Contributing to Magrit

Contributions are welcome! There are various way to contribute to the project which are detailed in CONTRIBUTING file! You can notably:

  • Report bugs or send us feedback.
  • Add new translations or fix existing ones.
  • Contribute code (you're in the right place! Clone the repo, fix what you want to be fixed and submit a pull request).
  • Contribute to the gallery by submitting your best maps.