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Build Status

chocolatey-metanorma: Chocolatey install for Metanorma

Modifying the package

  1. Edit the metanorma.nuspec configuration file.

  2. Edit the ./tools/chocolateyInstall.ps1 install script

  3. Edit the ./tools/chocolateyUninstall.ps1 uninstall script

  4. You must save your files with UTF-8 character encoding without BOM.

Building the package

  • Run choco pack in the same directory as metanorma.nuspec

If you are running this from a command prompt/Powershell prompt, you must run it “as Administrator”.

Testing the package

Testing should be done on a Virtual Machine (See:

In the package directory, use:

Or, use the full path:

  • choco install metanorma -source 'c:\path\to\package' -f

After executing the install, ensure that metanorma.exe is installed by executing the following command from the command prompt:

metanorma version

If it is properly installed, you will see the current version of Metanorma.

Testing uninstallation

The Chocolatey install path on Windows is typically C:\ProgramData\chocolatey

Execute the following command to uninstall Metanorma.

choco uninstall metanorma -y

After executing the uninstall ensure that metanorma is not found in the Chocolatey install path.

You can also try running metanorma version from the command-line to see if it is still installed

Publish the package to the Chocolatey community feed repository

choco apikey -k [API_KEY_HERE] -source`

# package name can be omitted below
choco push metanorma.[version num].nupkg -s

Installation from official repository

choco install metanorma -y


cinst metanorma -y

See the Chocolatey Packages Quick Start for more information.

See the Chocolatey Packages Quick Start for more information.