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  • Tutorials - Landing page for long-form tutorials/write-ups/walkthroughs of some more specific subjects.
  • Vex - Compilation of handy wrangle setups that I collect along the way, interesting tips and also sample scene files.
  • Vops - Visual scripting context inside Houdini. Here we will collect setups that rely mostly or exclusively on solving problems through Vex OPerators and other general things related to them.
  • Python - Any sort of python usage within Houdini will go in here.

References / Tutorials / Webinars / Talks / Blogs

  • cgwiki - Matt Estela’s bible. Arguably the best user-made Houdini resources page, and a huge inspiration as well.
  • odforce - this is probably the best 3rd party Houdini-related forum and where the incredible wizards hang around. SideFX’s own hub also has some amazing discussions.
  • jtomori - Amazing vex page reference. Even offers a library containing all of his examples for download. I’d recommend only jumping in here if you’re already more or less familiarized with the vex.
  • Entagma - Fantastic video tutorials and resources page by Manuel Casasola and Moritz Schwind.
  • GameTutor - This has a special place in this list. Kenny Lammers’ GaTu taught me an incredible lot when first starting out.
  • SideFX’s Tutorials page - It compiles great tutorials, either paid or free, from all over the internet. Great starting point.
  • Indie-Pixel - Kenny Lammers’ most recent project with some great introductory videos. Also tackles the usage of Houdini Engine really well, and even shows off his skills on Unity.
  • GoProcedural - SideFX’s Vimeo channel, gathering the best talks and webinars.
  • pqhoudini - Peter Quint’s page containing all supporting material to his excellent tutorials, among other interesting things.
  • Kim Goossens - some great tutorials on this slightly outdated YouTube playlist, but useful nonetheless. Specially helpful when I was interested in l-systems inside Houdini.
  • Toadstorm - Henry Foster’s blog has some incredible write-ups. My favorite being the joy of xyzdist() and primuv(). He is also the co-creator of MOPs, along with Moritz from Entagma.
  • Alex Dracott - An absolute must-watch if you’re interested in terrain generation and environment design. The video linked is from his great GDC 2018 talk, focusing on heightfield texture generation based on gradient mapping.


/parˈ; diminutive of pars (‘part, piece’); small part, particle.

Slow and steady. Small bits that are constantly flocking; just like particles, knowledge can be seen as a bunch of tiny blocks being stacked on top of each other. The larger the foundation, the higher the threshold.

I realized that one of the greatest ways of learning anything is by teaching, even if sometimes the audience is yourself. I also discovered that I enjoy recording walkthroughs of some techniques I’ve been using and developing while learning and working with Houdini, and there are probably people out there that would be interested in them too.

Created by Ricardo Ponce, Particula was born from a collection of personal annotations and experiences that were begging to be compiled somewhere. Sharing Houdini scene files, insights into digital assets development, and publishing my adventures related to this incredible piece of software are my main purposes. I have a huge range of interests within all that Houdini can offer (a list that seems to grow constantly), however designing things procedurally is something that I always strive for.

A wise friend once told me knowledge should never be dammed. By withholding it you stagnate, hence cannot evolve.


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