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This application allows you to switch to few important windows with a hotkey instead of Alt+Tab'ing through tons of openend windows. Important windows can be specified by patterns in the config file.

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Example of the config

# trigger combination
hotkey = Shift+Ctrl+0

# sorted descending by priority
app = qt creator
app = visual studio
app = emacs
app = sublime
app = atom
app = notepad++
app = code

# activate minimum 2 windows (e.g. if you have 2 monitors)
min_windows = 2



You enumerate parts of the window names you want to restore in descending order. In the example above windows "qt creator" and "visual studio" will be restored before "emacs" or "sublime" if they will be found open.


Specifies a hotkey for bringing windows to front. You can choose combinations of shift\ctrl\alt and A-Z, 0-9.


If you have 2 monitors you might want to restore a window per monitor therefore you set min_windows variable to 2.

How to contribute:

  • Fork BackToWork repository on GitHub
  • Clone your fork locally
  • Configure the upstream repo (git remote add upstream
  • Create local branch (git checkout -b your_feature)
  • Work on your feature
  • Push the branch to GitHub (git push origin your_feature)
  • Send a pull request on GitHub