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Simple StarDict Lookup Library

This is a cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux) library which is capable of loading dictionaries in StarDict format and searching for a full-match translations. A lot of code is derived/compiled from the original StarDict project, sdcv and QDict projects although this library contains a lot of improvements such as:

  • no dependency on glib
  • correct support of 64-bit offsets in dictionaries for all supported platforms
  • correct support of Unicode filepaths in Windows
  • substitution of tons of direct pointer allocations/memory access with safer alternatives such as std::vector and std::string
  • the readability has been enchanced dramatically in comparison to aforementioned projects (this is a subjective opinion of course) except of the original dictziplib.cpp which you better don't want to touch

Build instructions can be found in file.


#include <lookupdictionary.h>

LookupDictionary lookupDictionary;

if (lookupDictionary.loadDictionary(ifoFilepath)) {
    std::string translation;
    if (lookupDictionary.translate(word, translation)) {
        std::cout << translation << std::endl;

How to contribute:

  • Fork repository on GitHub
  • Clone your fork locally
  • Configure the upstream repo (git remote add upstream
  • Create local branch (git checkout -b your_feature)
  • Work on your feature
  • Push the branch to GitHub (git push origin your_feature)
  • Send a pull request on GitHub

Contibutions are highly welcome!