Some Packer templates to build Windows and Linux images in AWS and VMWare
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This repo contains some examples for building AWS AMIs and VMWare templates using Packer

Folder structure

The packer code is structured as follows:

  • bootstrap: This folder contains bootstrap scripts for AWS and VMWare.
  • files: This folder contains static files.
  • provisioners: This folder contains provisioning Powershell scripts, Ansible playbooks, etc.
  • templates: This folder contains the Packer templates. Each template sub-folder should contain a explaining the usage of the template.

How to use the templates


  • Install either VMWare Fusion if you are using MacOSx or VMWare Workstation if you are using Windows or Linux
  • Run packer build templates/windows-server-2012/vmware-2012R2-servicebox.json


  • Create a VPC with at least a subnet where you will run the instance to build the AMI
  • Create a Security group allowing ports 3389 (RDP) and 5985 (WinRM)
  • Run packer build -var 'aws_access_key=YOUR_KEY' -var 'aws_secret_key=YOUR_SECRET' -var 'subnet_id=subnet-XXXXXX' -var 'security_group_id=sg-YYYYYY' templates/windows-server-2012/aws-win2012R2-servicebox.json or if you have the AWS CLI tool configure with an ~/.aws/credentials file you can omit the aws credentals parameters