A React component to crop images with easy interactions
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A React component to crop images with easy interactions

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react-easy-crop Demo


Check out the examples:


  • Supports drag and zoom interactions
  • Provides crop dimensions as pixels and percentages
  • Supports any images format (JPEG, PNG, even GIF) as url or base 64 string
  • Mobile friendly


yarn add react-easy-crop


npm install react-easy-crop --save

Basic usage

The Cropper is styled with position: absolute to take the full space of its parent. Thus, you need to wrap it with an element that uses position: relative or the Cropper will fill the whole page.

import Cropper from 'react-easy-crop'

class App extends React.Component {
  state = {
    image: 'your-image-url or as base64',
    crop: { x: 0, y: 0 },
    zoom: 1,
    aspect: 4 / 3,

  onCropChange = crop => {
    this.setState({ crop })

  onCropComplete = (croppedArea, croppedAreaPixels) => {
    console.log(croppedArea, croppedAreaPixels)

  onZoomChange = zoom => {
    this.setState({ zoom })

  render() {
    return (


Prop Type Required Description
image string The image to be cropped.
crop { x: number, y: number } Position of the image. { x: 0, y: 0 } will center the image under the cropper.
zoom number Zoom of the image between minZoom and maxZoom. Defaults to 1.
aspect number Aspect of the cropper. The value is the ratio between its width and its height. The default value is 4/3
minZoom number minimum zoom of the image. Defaults to 1.
maxZoom number maximum zoom of the image. Defaults to 3.
cropShape 'rect' | 'round' Shape of the crop area. Defaults to 'rect'.
showGrid boolean Whether to show or not the grid (third-lines). Defaults to true.
onCropChange Function Called everytime the crop is changed. Use it to update your crop state.
onZoomChange Function Called everytime the zoom is changed. Use it to update your zoom state.
onCropComplete Function Called when the user stops moving the image or stops zooming. It will be passed the corresponding cropped area on the image in percentages and pixels
onImgError Function Called when error occurs while loading an external image
style { containerStyle: object, imageStyle: object, cropAreaStyle: object } Custom styles to be used with the Cropper. Styles passed via the style prop are merged with the defaults.
classes { containerClassName: string, imageClassName: string, cropAreaClassName: string } Custom class names to be used with the Cropper. Classes passed via the classes prop are merged with the defaults.

onCropComplete(croppedArea, cropperAreaPixels)

This callback is the one you should use to save the cropped area of the image. It's passed 2 arguments:

  1. croppedArea: coordinates and dimensions of the cropped area in percentage of the image dimension
  2. cropperAreaPixels: coordinates and dimensions of the cropped area in pixels.

Both arguments have the following shape:

const area = {
  x: number, // x/y are the coordinates of the top/left corner of the cropped area
  y: number,
  width: number, // width of the cropped area
  height: number, // height of the cropped area


yarn start

Now, open http://localhost:3001/index.html and start hacking!