Max/MSP Jitter modules for Jamoma 06
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Audio and video modules for Max/MSP Jitter using the Jamoma 06 framework.

To install Jamoma for Max please visit

Requires third party:

Tap Tools by 74 Objects (Not included in the repository)

The video modules is a compilation of code taken from cycling74's tutorials and HC Gilje's Video Projection Tool. VPT website: VPT forum:

Freeverb by Olaf Matthes. (Included in the extarnal folder 32 bit only)

Mutation by Bill Vorn (Included in the extarnal folder)

Using two objects by Maurizio Giri VirtualSound Macros - - by Robert Ramirez jitter external to provide native HAP playback provides native support for the HAP quicktime codec. Images are decoded and rendered directly to an OpenGL texture. Non-hap quicktime files are also supported. For general information about Hap, see the Hap project.

Shader pack by Vade

cv.jit Library

Thanks to: Zachary Seldess, KAUST, KVL_Kinect_Tracker

HC Gilje

The Jamoma Team