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Asynchronous Cakefile tasks
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Asynchronous cakefile tasks.

Simply add the async keyword before a task definition, and call the done callback once finished.

To run async tasks, use invoke async 'task_name' - there are no callbacks, instead invocations are queued and guaranteed to run in order within a task.

The function given to async.end() will be called when all tasks have finished.


task 'compile', ->
    compileAsync files

task 'minify', ->
    minifyAsync files

task 'build', ->
    invoke 'compile'
    invoke 'minify'
    # might or might not work depending on your luck

With cake-async

async task 'compile', (o, done) ->
    compileAsync files, done

async task 'minify', (o, done) ->
    minifyAsync files, done

task 'build', ->
    invoke async 'compile'
    invoke async 'minify'
    async.end => console.log 'done!'


npm install
npm install mocha -g # skip if you already have it
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