LevelDB (levelup) compatible API for the browser, backed by IndexedDB
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IndexedUp is a port of node-levelup (LevelDB driver) for the browser, backed by IndexedDB. The API should be 100% compatible with node-levelup's, allowing you to share database code between the server and client.


var indexedup = require('indexedup')

indexedup('./mydb', function(err, db){
    db.put('key', 'some value', function(err){
        if (err) throw err
        db.get('key', function(err, value){

Implemented API


Passes levelup's test/simple-test.js (http://ricardobeat.github.com/indexedup/test/levelup/) with a few changes.

The basic test suite (test/spec.coffee) is 100% interchangeable with either node-levelup (run mocha) or indexedup in the browser.

Missing features / TODO

  • deal with options.encoding
  • buffering / sync constructor
  • events