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path = require 'path'
fs = require 'fs'
_ = require './util'
require 'colors'
# JSON storage
# -------------
class JSONStore
constructor: (i18n) ->
return new JSONStore unless this instanceof JSONStore
@path = path.join process.cwd(), i18n.options.path
@default = i18n.options.default
@languages = i18n.languages
# Update strings with translations loaded from storage.
update: (strings) ->
@load (err, stored = {}) =>
_.extend strings, stored
@save strings, (err, language) ->
_.debug "Updated #{language} strings".blue
# Save updated strings to disk (asynchronously).
save: (strings, callback) ->
for language, data of strings
do (language) =>
file = path.join @path, "#{language}.json"
fs.writeFile file, JSON.stringify(data, null, 4), 'utf8', (err) -> callback err, language
# Load language strings.
# When updating strings, this could be simplified a lot if we loaded only the current
# user language, but it facilitates testing - a single reload updates all language definitions.
load: (callback) ->
strings = {}
if not fs.existsSync @path
_.debug "Path '#{@path}' doesn't exist".red
files = fs.readdirSync(@path)
.map((f) -> path.basename f, '.json')
.filter _.isValidLocale
for locale in files when locale isnt @default
@languages.push locale unless locale in @languages
file = path.join @path, "#{locale}.json"
strings[locale] = JSON.parse fs.readFileSync(file).toString()
_.debug "Loaded #{locale}.json".blue
catch e
strings[locale] = {}
_.debug "Failed to load file #{locale}.json".red
callback null, strings
module.exports =
json: JSONStore